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Whale Swim Niue

Whale & Dolphin Swim Niue is owner operated by BJ and Vanessa Rex, both Niuean locals with a wealth of experience giving the absolute best marine mammal totally natural wildlife encounters you can experience.

The crystal clear very warm waters around the 'Rock' as Niue is known can have in water visibility of up to 80m, which gives the best photo opportunities anywhere in the world.

BJ is one of the most experienced skippers on Niue with a full commercial background, a professional divemaster and certified whale watching guide knowing the waters better than anyone and where to find and see these majestic creatures.

The boat 'Indie Rose' named after two of their lovely children is a New Zealand built professional Smuggler Rib, just perfect, comfortable and a safe stable ride for taking you out onto the Pacific Ocean.

Vanesssa your guide has an ocean research background and also worked for many years with Tourism Niue. ( See pic of BJ & Vanessa here below ) 

Niue is also one of the few countries where you can swim within 200 metres of these unmissable giants of the deep, with licensed operators offering whale watching and in-water interactions.

Niue is a signatory to the Whale Sanctuary for Endangered Oceania Humpbacks and is committed to promoting understanding of the whales and the sanctuary’s cultural and environmental significance. Therefore self-guided experiences are not allowed and whale watching is only permitted with licensed operators, so all interactions are conducted from a distance that respects the whales privacy and visitors safety.

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