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Rosie Roess & Stuart,  Tairua, New Zealand - August 2022

This is the absolute best whale encounter experience we have ever had anywhere!  It was so good each time , we ended up going out with BJ & Vanessa 8 times and swam with over 45 Humpback whales and Spinner dolphin pods over the 2 week stay.  These guys have a totally natural approach to the mammals, no gung ho approaches and always get the very best encounters for sure, allowing the whales to come to the boat in their own time, highly recommended, a must do experience with this company!   We coming back next year for sure!


Andrew & Glenice Culley, New Zealand - August 2022

Whale-watching with BJ and Vanessa was an awesome experience.  They are very friendly like all of the locals and made us feel very welcome and we had no concerns about getting in the water with these magnificent animals.  Comfortable boat to ride on and we had many encounters with the whales and dolphins.  Would highly recommend it.  Andrew & Glenice Culley, New Zealand - August 2022

Katherin, Wellington New Zealand: August 2022

“Amazing whale trip!- I went on two trips with the lovely BJ and Vanessa. Whilst we were heading out we learned a bit about humpbacks, the island, and its history. Once we found the whales, BJ and Vanessa quietly assessed the situation, checked it was safe  and that the calf was not a newborn  then we all got in the water. They adhered to  the distances and amount of time we stayed with each group of whales- often a mum, calf and escort. We could hear the whales singing too which was beautiful. I felt  so privileged to be able to see these creatures close up and think I will remember it all my life.” 

Mike Thompson, Omaha, New Zealand. August 2022

I have been going to Niue for 7 years specifically to swim with the whales.  This year I went with local family business operators, BJ and Vanessa. Wooow did they deliver an amazing adventure. Their relaxed briefing and guiding made for a very enjoyable experience and delivered us 6 different close up whale encounters. This was easily the best trip I have ever done, it was the highlight of the holiday and provided memories I will never forget. This is a “must do” in Niue.

Mike Thompson, Omaha, New Zealand.

Eelco and Barbara Wiersma, Christchurch.  August 2022

From 16 to 23 August we went to Niue to see the whales who arrive from the Antarctic at the end of June to give birth to their calves and spend about 3+months around Niue. We were able to go on to what I call 'sea safaries to get a closer look at these enormous animals. After giving  birth the mating virtually starts within days and that makes for amazing viewing when the whales breach and virtually jump out of the water, simply amazing. We went with BJ and Vanessa on Whale Swim Niue and we couldn't be happier with the experience which exceeded our expectations. We observed whales every day, about 60-70 Whales in total. This is an experience of a lifetime and we will return and do it all over again. Met some fabulous people while boating who were keen snorkelers and they had a great look from real close. Can't recommend it enough. Eelco and Barbara Wiersma, Christchurch.

Nathan Pettigrew, Tauranga, New Zealand.  22-29th August 2022

Recently, I had my 3rd trip to Niue and thought I’d treat myself and check out the whales below the surface. My travel buddy emailed a couple of companies but BJ was the only one that actually replied, which worked out perfectly in the end. We booked in and set off for our day on their awesome boat with a few other awesome guests. The others ‘toursists’ had been onboard before and were quick to rave about BJ and his lovely wife Vanessa who were so incredibly calm, humble and respectful. Traits obviously passed down through their Niuean heritage. It wasn’t long before we found some whales but BJ was quick to access them and knew instantly that this was not the right time to get in the water due to the whales movements. The second whale however was a different story! Under the instruction of BJ, and being guided by Vanessa, we made our way into the water where a whale slowly approached. It was mind blowing! They are so huge underwater, and we all got an incredible viewing as the whale swam right past. I thought that was going to be the end of the trip, but no, the team found us yet another whale to swim with! Next we swam with dolphins. I had swum with dolphins before but not like this. The water clarity was unreal as we were gently towed alongside the boat with dolphins all around us. After this, more whales to swim with and then we were treated to some historical insights of particular points of interest about the island. Some of these stories included BJ’s ancestors so it gave the trip some extra special importance for all of us onboard. 

What also stood out was the crews calmness throughout the journey. This was very welcome as our adrenaline was absolutely pumping the whole time. The others had mentioned before we left. “You’ll love his calmness, and respect around the whales, mate” and they were right.

I would definitely recommend this company if you ever venture to Niue. The entire trip was absolutely incredible. 

BJ, see you for my 4trip in 2023 mate!

Maree Allen-Cooke, Tokerau Beach, New Zealand.  !5-22nd August 2022

On a recent holiday to Niue I was incredibly  lucky to be part of a whale experience with BJ & Vanessa.

I wasn't sure if I was going to get into the water but luckily Vanessa encouraged me to suit up anyway. 

Also on board my 79 year old mum. She had the most wonderful day and was treated with respect & care.

BJ & Vanessa have a wonderful respect for both people and whales a like. 

Snorkelling with whales was a  really unique and  beautiful experience. It's really hard to put into words what a purifying experience it was. BJs guidance in the water was kind professional and encouraging.

If you get the opportunity and want kind respectful knowledgeable guides seek out BJ & Vanessa 


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